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| Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mil-Spec Circuit Breakers a product of the MIL-COM. By the standards of Klixon, and Airpax Square D, Cutler Hammer and for Recon Eaton. You can imagine how the circuit work, with the power control support a more liberal and lightweight compared with the system cable.

With the loss of the cable is efficient in terms of work and the overall weight of components. To meet all your need MIL-COM promising performance and a good fit for the military, aerospace, and commercial applications.

MIL-Com Experience in 5 years has served various industries with more than 20,000 products that have been output.

Military circuit Breakers we provide include M39019, M55629,MS24571 and from manufactures such as Mechanical Products and Airpax,is one of the MIL-Com.

Dar specificity of this product is to simplify the weight of the cable with the system more efficient and affordable. You can specify the type of Mil-Spec Circuit Breakers you need with the cost of which you can reach.